Friday, 24 October 2014

Potluck and Praise

Last Sunday night I attended the pot luck and praise night at the church.  While we were eating we were asked to discuss a question about if we had noticed God's hand in our lives.  

God's hand prints are all over my life.  In fact the very food I had been blissfully eating at the potluck portion of the evening was an answer to prayer!  I am allergic to wheat and few other things like eggs, almonds and Lima Beans.  I don't feel too bad about having to avoid lima beans but the wheat is really hard to miss out on.  I was not looking forward to the pot luck as I imagined it would be a lot of dishes that looked fantastic and made my mouth water that I could not eat.   It is torture to walk by yummy things that people have prepared and not put them on my plate.  So before I went to the pot luck I prayed and ask God to help me with will power so that I would behave.   When I got there I discovered there were other people who are also gluten free and they had brought yummy food!   It is not half as hard to pass up gluten ladden dishes when there is lots of tasty stuff I can eat.   Thank you God for enabling me to not only stay gluten free but gluten free and still happy because that is a big deal!

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