Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Truck

Just sitting reflecting on the day a  few months ago when I was hit by a truck while crossing the road. The first thing that crossed my mind was "Crap I'm not gonna get much done if I hurt myself."  I am such a task oriented person.  The next thing that I thought was: " Legs should not dangle from mid Femur, I think I might of broke it!"  I did break it - right in half.  I had to stay in the hospital for 5 days and let me just say: "Morphine rocks!"  But once out, without the heavy duty pain killers, life took on a nasty flavour.  Not because of the pain of the leg but the emotional fallout from everthing I had gone through.   Personally I would rather have the pain of the broken leg than deal with depression, hopelessness, fear, and irritability.  I had been in that place before and so panic rose up in my heart.

 I write down my thoughts in a journal and then ask God for answers and scribe what he tells me.   I had done this in the hospital when I was still feeling no pain and so I opened my journal to that page.  This is what he had said: " Hold onto me and don't worry and I will work it all out.  Don't despair for I will supply your needs and satisfy your soul.  Rest like a little lamb and relax in me.  Lift up your concerns to me and I will enable you.  Don't fear the feelings for they are no match for my supernatural power"    I prayed about it, my trust expanding because it was so relevant and miraculous for Him to say this days before I needed to hear it.  He did calm my emotions supernaturally - what a rush.

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