Monday, 16 January 2012

Sabbath not a guilty Question Mark Anymore

At our church they have been talking about the sabbath.  This concept has confused me for my whole life.   I think I am finally getting it.  God wants us to participate in one day off a week because He loves us - not because he wants us to jump through his hoops and add another things to our list of "shoulds".  Its a matter of faith in God - that even if I take a day off the important stuff will still get done because God is able and I am not God.  It is such a relief to just take a day off to relax and learn more about God.  It feels like I am a dry patch of land and the Sabbath is like rain.  It feels so good!   I wonder how many people are sick in body or mind because they are not getting that break in their week?   I am not going to be one of them anymore - Im taking a Sabbath from now on.


  1. We started a few weeks ago to try and not do any work around here on Sundays. I try to get everything done by Saturday. After church we just flake out or if it's nice outside, we enjoy the outdoors.

  2. I certainly agree with God's plan of working 6 days and taking one day off for rest and worship. Lately though, I've been wondering if we should be observing the original Sabbath, namely Saturday, as the Seventh-Day Adventists (and Messianic Jews) do. I really feel convicted that it is human traditions, starting with the Romans, that changed the day to Sunday. The Fourth Commandment is the only one that starts with "Remember..." so why is it the only one we have forgotten? And God's Sabbath, the Seventh Day, is definitely Saturday. Something to ponder...