Thursday, 17 January 2013

A had an old friend comment that she does not beleive in God because she could not find any proof of His existance.  That got me thinking about what proof I have that there is a God and that He loves me.  I have done tons of research about Jesus being the son of God, the Bible being an accurate document and creation making more logical sense than evolution.  My brain has found more than enough reason to believe in the God of the Bible.  We certainly do not need to check our intellect at the door, to believe in Jesus Christ as the savior or the world. 

But it is not just my brain that believes in God it is my heart and emotions too.  I have been struggling with the fall out of getting hit by a truck for more than a year and a half now.  I am still having headaches and my leg still hurts often.   I may never get completely better.  Also I have found out that my daughter with down syndrome will not be able to talk even though we have been working with her for years in the hopes that she would speak one day.  You would think that I would be pretty bummed out and discouraged.  However it not just me dealing with all of this - I have a supernatural God who has not left me alone!  In the past when bad stuff happened I would start to doubt that God really is alive and that He loved me. 

This round of trials my faith has grown to the point that in the midst of it I still believe that God is real and that He does still love me.  I have expected Him to make good come out of it and trusted Him to help me through.  The results from this different attitude of faith have been amazing!!!  I have experienced joy and peace and have learned so much this last year and a bit.  God is good and He can transform the bad and ugly into awesome. 

Take last week for example.  We had a great holiday with our kids.  We were on our way home and our truck stopped working.  We managed to pull into a hotel and someone pushed us into a parking space out of the traffic flow.  I prayed that it would be an easy, cheap fix and we booked into the hotel.  Once we head home our whole family tends to be very focased on getting there are quick as possible.  We don't even drink so that we can stop less for the bathroom!  We were all heartbrocken about having to stay longer in Georgia.  It was Saturday so we could not even get the truck looked until Monday. 

The whole family was really upset but after wallowing a bit  in the depression I remembered to pray that God will help us and help make this a good experience:  a supernatural experience.  We started to try to try to find the good in the situation.  We had broke down in a town instead of on the freeway and even rolled into a hotel that was in our budget (which was limited).  We were also in walking distance of a variety of restaurants and a walmart.  So we thanked God for all of that and prayed He would help us have a fun time and that we would let go of our desire to get home immediately.  We found some cool stuff to watch on TV and bought some cards to play.  We had a great time - even the kids.   God gave us joy and patience and peace.  This kids did not complain and whine which is something we have been working on for years.  That is supernatural -kids in a bad situation being about to look on the good side!!  Our hotel was sketchy and did not have a pool but they experienced God's joy in the midst of it all.

We found out our transmission was toast and that they had to put a new one in.  I was tempted to freakout as that is not in the budget.  But then I remembered that God told me I could trust Him for money stuff.  Once I trusted Him the panic subsided and peace came back. Trust rocks compared to worry!  They did it as quick as possible and we got on the road at 4:00 in the afternoon Tuesday.  Praising God that we could finally get home and thankful for the good family fun we had while waiting.  I am so glad that I have kept pursing God and working at trusting Him even when it was not easy for all these years.  It has sure paid off!  The ability to have peace and joy despite the  circumstances is the best thing I have learned and the gift I am most thankful for to God.  Once I got over the fixation on feeling that God could only answer my prayers by fixing the actual problem I  realized that He can also answer my prayers by changing my response to the problems! 

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  1. A beautiful lesson. I loved your line "trust rocks compared to worry"! that should be on a t-shirt :)