Saturday, 24 December 2011

surprise! you are in the middle of a war

My oldest daughters are terrified of spiders and there was a sighting on the upstairs ceiling this afternoon.  Mark said he would pay them $1 to go up and kill it themselves.  Addison went up because although she is scared of spiders, she really likes money.  The war was on!  She needed help so she called in Megan as back up.   There was yelling and screaming and some how they lost the spider in question.   Bedtime was approaching and neither would go upstairs, so Mark told them that he would kill it, if they both paid him $5.  They were willing to pay the price so up he went.  We could hear him downstairs saying things like " Oh look at the cute little fellow, and making kissing noises".  He brought it downstairs and Megan locked her self in the bathroom but Addison came over to see the little guy and she decided that he was cute and then didn't want to kill him lol.  But Megan would not come out unless we had a DEAD spider to show her so spidy lost his life.  Mark has decided that the girls are afraid because they do not have enough information so this holiday they are going to capture and study various spiders.  Which is better than his first idea: to all watch aracnophopia.

It is Christmas eve and I am thinking about cheerful stuff like the battle between good and evil.   Lately It seems like those on God's side are not experiencing the overwhelming victory I would like to see.  People are getting hurt, because they are giving into temptation or others are giving into temptation.   I hate conflict and in my perfect world we would all get along at all times and no one would ever feel pain or defeat.   However, in real life there is evil and if we don't put up a fight agaisnt it - Evil will win and much damage will be done.    Satan HATES us and wants to destroy us and everything good.    Pretending He does not exist is not a great battle plan.   Jesus is going to win which is great info to have ahead of time, but that does not mean we can just wait around for that to happen.   We are partners with God and he wants us to fight with Him. 

 I was listening to "Courageous" the new song by Casting Crowns today.   ( You gotta love Mark's boss who gave him a $100 gift certificate for the Bible book store for Christmas. Then Mark took us all and let us all pick something out. What fun!!! I got the new Casting Crowns CD.)  It was very inspiring and I was feeling ready to fight!  I want to spread around God's love and I am excited about the possibility of making a difference.  Another good song to rally the troups is Brave by Nicole Nordmen.

I gotta go and fill some stockings.   Merry Christmas and Fight for God and Good!


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  1. You made me laugh about the spiders! I hate killing bugs/spiders. I always scream for John to get them! LOL
    I keep praying for more people to open there hearts to the Lord and help fight the war against evil.
    I love you Kristen!