Saturday, 17 December 2011

I am a superhero!

Yesterday I actually made my gluten free muffins all by myself.  I am feeling the glow of accomplishment.  Not only that but I also MADE SUPPER!   Yes I have been reduced to rejoicing over these litte activities.   Me, Kristen Webb type A personality, who used to be able to .... actually I can't even remember the piles of things I used to be able to cross off my list in a day.  I guess its not so bad that I can be grateful for what I can get done even though it is so little.  That's better than being bummed out about my limitations lol. 

There is always good to be found in my day.  Wheather it's thanking God for the sun streaming in my window onto my bed or a great Christian song playing on the radio that makes my heart soar. (almost typed it sour which is what I might be if I didn't have God sustaining me)

Found out my dream job will not be available like I hoped but I gotta trust God for my future and as my friends keep pointing out I gotta focas on getting better and not stress about the future.  God said to me the other day: " You have enough information to know what to do.  So just do what is clear and don't stress about what is not yet. You do not have enough time to do anything more than what is clear anyway lol (yah I distinctly heard God say lol)"  With a leg that is not healing and  hurts to walk and a concussion that needs me to sleep most of the day and the night just to manage it, I don't have time for much but getting better.   So I would have to be dense to get what God and my friends are saying.  I GET IT  - stop worrying about the future and just look after my body today the best I can so it has a chance to heal.  My friends Mish and Becky will be so proud of me.   Why is this such a hard lesson?


  1. Hi Kristen

    I think of you almost everyday & wonder how it is going. It is good to be able to read your blog. I know it is hard especially at this time of year, but please take the time to rest so you can get better. I'm sure in the end everything will turn out just the way you imagined it.... You just have to be patient & let your body heal. Wish we were closer so I could come over for a visit to help out & keep you company!
    Try to enjoy this wonderful time of year surrounded by your loving family & we will hopefully see you when you come up for a visit in Feb.
    Love Candee

  2. A very wise woman wrote me a little note about 10 years ago that I still have tucked in my bible. It says:

    "Little one trust me, not second guess me but trust me, not box me in and limit me, but trust me. This means you don't have all the answers now, just me, but I am all you will ever need, so you are set, sitting pretty and good to go".

    I have meant to mail you many times to tell you how this has got me through some very hard times in my life. When you gave it to me, it was for something I was going through at that time, but since then it has continued to bless me. I would read it all the time while going through our adoption with our son Noah. It was extremely hard having our son halfway around the world, and not being able to hold him. I found so much comfort in these few lines and still do! I hope you too can find some comfort in them.

    It's the little things that matter.
    Krista Dodson