Friday, 9 December 2011


Early this week I had two days when my headache was strangely absent.  This was so exciting! I started gearing up to maybe start looking for a job.  I got myself quite excited thinking of all the possiblities but then woke up the next day with a killer headache - the concussion was not over like I thought!  I was so disappointed.

Then I had an appointment with the surgen where I was expecting him to tell me that my leg is all healed nice and I could start riding horses again.  However, he looked at the exray and told me that my leg was not healing as quick as he thought it would.  He would have to operate again to loosen some screws to help it heal faster.   Another 6 weeks before I can ride or start looking for work.   I had an emotional meltdown and a self-pity party.  Then I prayed and asked God to help me be patient.   Like with GPS if you get lost it just recalculates a new route - God adjusted my attitude and I got back on track.  Trusting Him to be with me through this time and letting go of my dreams that are now delayed.  God is still good and He will not leave me so I am going to be OK

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