Saturday, 17 December 2011

Surprised by pain

I had my leg operated on Tuesday to take out some screws and I was thinking it would be no big deal but it resulted in a great deal of pain.  Usually right after I get operated on I am in the hospital where they have that awesome drug morphine but it was day surgery.  I already know that Perks don't work on my pain so this time they gave me Tylonol 3s.  What is it with my body and pain meds - The Tylonol 3s did not touch the pain but caused me to be unable to sleep for 2 days !!!  So we are back to Advil which works better than anything else and allows me to sleep.  The concussion symptoms were amplifed by the operation and so I was up to phase 4 where I can't think straight and do things like forget Mark's work number!  Even with the advil, the pain in my leg took my breath away.  So I have slept a lot this week and my concussion has calmed down and my leg pain is now bareable.   I am so grateful that I have the freedom to sleep while the kids are in school

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  1. Advil is the only thing that works for my migraines if I catch it on time.
    Praying that you feel better real soon! Hugs, Rose